Anyone can become some type of model.  If you don't take the chance, you'll never know.  We will give you the best opportunity. 

Commercials / Advertisements

Many of our agency partners need models to promoting a product, service or store.  Directors use physical measurements for men and women as a starting point.  So anyone of any age and physic can become a model.  If the Director's need matches your characteristics, you'll be given the opportunity to tryout.

If agencies read this please contact us for our extensive database of models in the Midwest.  Our models represent the diversity in life.  If you let us know the characteristics, we'll query against our database to provide you with models to review.

Models in our database will be available to our partner agencies and if you're in our database, we will match our algorithms to find you as we update our castings weekly via email.  So just because you're not Tom Brady or Gisele, don't be afraid to look into modeling, give us a call.

You don't even have to model your entire body.  We have casting directors looking for body part modeling.  So if you have a particular asthetic body part(s), you may just be used as a hand model for example.

We strive everyday to create  well known A LIST celebrities and future A Listers will have started their career here.


Fashion & Glamour Models

Have you ever been told you should consider modeling?  With Flash Photography capturing your best photographs and your fun personality you may fit the description for this type of model.  Generally, ladies who are are 5'6" to 6'2" (taller is better), these models have unique eyes, have athletic or toned bodies.  Men are 5'10" to 6"3" with toned bodies and either a symetrical look or a unique look.

As I continue my journey as an artist, I hope to find the next "Super Model" from here in the Midwest (IL, IN, OH, KY).  If you'd like to be that person or any type of model email


Health and Fitness Models

You spend hours on yoga, resistance training, Ironman or have been genetically gifted and now have a ripped toned physic?  Agencies are using Sports, Fitness, Wellness, models as a major deal in life is health and fitness.

Supplement companies, vitamin companies, skin care products, equipment and product or event promotion are all opportunities for the men and women who work with Flash.

Event modeling promotes a commercial product's booth at a trade show.  Flash continues to build relationships with those who have booths for conferences across a 4 state area.  Some of the companies are very large companies and would appreciate the help you could provide.  You would need to be able to memorize the company and the summary details of the services or products.

Backfill models serve at executive parties, perhaps give awards, and always work in groups.

Are you interested in pursuing a modeling career?

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